Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Family | Southern Utah Family Photographer

A few days ago I had the opportunity to go to Cedar City and do a session with my friend and her cute "new" family.  J used to be my neighbor, and at the time was going through some stuff...Well she made it through the "stuff" and came out of it stronger, better, and much happier.  The happiness radiates from her, and has completely transformed her.  I almost didn't recognize her when she pulled up to meet me at our session!   She's got a great new man, a couple of cute new kids added to the two cute ones she already had, a great new look, and a new outlook on life!  Couldn't be happier for her.

A sample of my work so far | Southern Utah Photographer

I guess I did things a bit backward.  I started this blog a few weeks after I started taking clients, instead of having it set up and ready to go when I had my first session that did not involve my children.  I began with a page on Facebook, which you can find here, and that is where I was posting all of my sneak peeks for these wonderful clients of mine.  It has worked out great so far, but then I realized if I ever got a client who didn't have a Facebook page (gasp!  Are there possibly people out there with no Facebook page??) this could pose a problem.  So from now on I will be posting the sneak peeks here.

Even though these are not sneak peaks by any means I wanted to post a few pictures featuring some of my very first clients.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How it all began | Southern Utah Child Photographer

I started on this journey into photography only to learn to take better photos of my kids.  Little did I know what kind of spark was about to ignite.  I found that I love looking through the lens of a camera!!

These are photos from my first session...with my own little ones.  Z had just had a birthday and it was the perfect time for some spring shots of them both.