What To Wear

It’s one of the most common questions I receive from clients once they’ve scheduled a portrait session: “What should we wear?” The simple fact is, we all want to look fabulous in photos, and doing so requires a great look! Whether young or old, the following guidelines will help you pull together a perfect look!

What To Wear:
  • Solids or Simple Patterns: Busy patterns tend to be distracting, and unfortuantely, a lot of patterns aren’t timeless. Who knows if that checkered look or paisley skirt will have you cringing when you look at your photos down the road. Horizontal stripes also have a tendency to make individuals look wider than they actually are. And please, no logos or texts across your shirt. You’re not being photographed for an advertisement afterall. Remember, the simpler the better.
  • Layers: Okay, you may be thinking, how do I NOT looking boring if I’m wearing solid colors or simple patterns? Think layers! This works particularly well for ladies. Obviously, this is easier to do in some months than others, but believe me, layers adds great dimension and texture to a look. Ladies, think a cute tank with a cardigan, a dress with a sweater, or a cute blazer and a shirt. Be creative! Guys, add a tie, sweater, jacket, or vest to a nice shirt.
  • Accessories: If layers don’t work for you (say, it’s 110 degrees out and the thought of a sweater makes you drip), think about accessorizing your look. A chunky necklace, cute earrings, or an awesome pair of heels will complement your look (or course I’m talking to the ladies here). For the guys simply roll up the sleeves on your long sleeve button up, or pop the collar up on that polo!
  • Color: Don’t be afraid of color! Did you know that white actually doesn’t photograph all that well?  Choose ivory or cream in place of white, or better yet venture outside the box with color!
  • Coordinating Colors: Notice how I didn’t say “same colors”.  My favorite quote from Stacy London is "It doesn't have to MATCH, it just has to GO." Many families love to all wear the same colored shirt for their portraits.  I’d like to challenge that notion and say that coordinating colors, not all the same color look even better!  After all, you don't walk around everyday wearing the exact same thing!!  Think all earth tones, or jewel tones, or whatever tones you may love. Just don’t go too crazy. Red and purple and green and brown and yellow and pink DO NOT go together. Stick to no more than four colors that complement each other.
What to Avoid:
  • Logos or text on clothing
  • Wearing white
  • Bold patterns
  • Everyone in one color
  • Clothing that you’ll look back in a couple years and think, “What the heck was I thinking wearing that?”
  • Baggy clothing
A Couple Tips for Dressing Children: Many of the tips are the same, but I’ll emphasize a few points here…
  • Show Off Your Child’s Personality: Does your little girl love playing dress-up? Why not put her in an adorable tutu? Does your son have an energetic and fun personality? Show it off by choosing bright colors! Textures and layers also look great on kids!
  • Comfortable: While us ladies might be able to tolerate a pair of heels for a photoshoot, if your child isn’t comfortable, it will be noticeable in the pictures. Pick something out that they can move in well and won’t be picking or grabbing at.
  • Accessories: Nothing is cuter than a naked newborn in a knit hat or a baby girl with a delicate flower headband. I have accessories you can choose from, but don’t be afraid to bring your own.
Props: If you have something that’s particularly meaningful to you and want to include it in your session, feel free to bring it along!  

If you’re still stuck after reading these guidelines, check out my What to Wear Wednesday series or take a look around my galleries for what previous clients have worn. And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions.